Musical Thingarium 06.01.17


A variety show featuring lots of electronic and Moog and so many other sounds!

1 Banana Bike by Dot Wiggin Band

2 My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps by Rauberhohle

3 Cotton Fields by A La Carte

4 Electrico Refresco by Beautify Junkyards

5 Aie A Mwana by Bananarama

6 Judy Switched Off The TV by The Dandelion Set

7 UFO Invasion by Gerhard Narholz

8 The Best Girl in the USSR by Messer Fur Frau Mueller

9 Mrs Bailey’s Barbeque and Grill by Sleepy 

10 Space Bubble by Piero Montanari

11 The Favorite Band of a Dead Man by Man and the Echo

12 Wavelength Wizard by Dominic Sands

13 Oh You Chatterbox by Broadcast and the Focus Group

14 Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins by Chuck Prophet

15 Tidworth Drum by Revbjelde

16 Swinging Phantom by The Focus Group

17 Life On Mars by Frank Sidebottom

18 The Rock Goes On by Bonnie St Claire

19 Vegan Mother’s Day by Boss Hogg

20 Mr Foyster by The Advisory Circle

21 Cadeau de grec by Bernard Adamus

22 Duemilanovecentosessantotto by Carlo Savina

23 The Shag by Trouble and Strife

24 I.M.U.R. by Luv

25 Kilon by ToiToiToi

26 Cyclo by Yos Olerang

27 Final Frontman by Fishboy

28 Vendetta: The Sugar Man by John Baker

29 Lift by Shugo Tokumaru

30 Same Stuff by The Primitives

31 Dr. Witch-Wot (Heaven and Hell) by Pete Willsher

32 Pickpocket by Marco Siniscalco

33 Our Love Is Not Made For Three by Screamin Jay Hawkins

34 Phototones by Cavern of Anti-Matter

35 Mexico by Les Humphries Singers

36 Let’s Ride A Carousel by Messer Chups

37 Berliner Polka by Botho Lucas Chor

38 Big Brother Is Watching You by Helmut Brandenburg

39 That Little Sports Car by The Shaggs

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